Thursday, December 17, 2009

... and we mean business

My first series for THE BOARDMEMBERS.
If you dont know, well now you know ninja!


illustration design lab with david tillinghast was a fun class
to experiment with different modes of making images.
we made a good number of pieces to make three little
booklets. ill upload some spreads of those soon.
these were a few favorite individual pieces.

salutations apocalypse survivor

Jason Holley and Allison Dalton co-directed a TDS
class Think Green Zine. It was an interesting experience
teaming up, writing, making drawings, and coming to
some kind of agreement with 20ish other illustrators
for the zine. The zine has kind of a post apocalyptic vibe
where the survivors/mutants have adapted to how crappy
things have become. These images were my only better of a bunch.