Thursday, December 17, 2009

salutations apocalypse survivor

Jason Holley and Allison Dalton co-directed a TDS
class Think Green Zine. It was an interesting experience
teaming up, writing, making drawings, and coming to
some kind of agreement with 20ish other illustrators
for the zine. The zine has kind of a post apocalyptic vibe
where the survivors/mutants have adapted to how crappy
things have become. These images were my only better of a bunch.


  1. you are amazing! my hero!! You've grown so much and continue to be an inspiration and phenomenal artist. I went and saw your school this weekend, I can't wait to apply.

  2. yes! well done the pig circuit menudo is what ive got my eye on. ive got a pigs heaad in my freezer if your down to write this recipe into the cook book.